Nanci Amaka - Ejije and Ihe Di Ka Facing Away.jpg

Mimic Series | Mimic Swing

by Nanci Amaka

Mimic Swing


When I first heard her voice

She was broken

A part of her

had cracked through her ribs 

and floated away


What could I say

I had lost too

Many many times.


Parts of me


Just a half second out of sync

With the rest of me


What can I say

My tongue has turned to ash

Trapping three thousand lifetimes

In my throat


I swallow hard and ask 

Why she kept his teeth

But I know


A tactile reminder

Of the phantom restlessness

Pulsing just under lungs


Maybe one day

My truth will reveal itself to me

And I can see both sides of the mirror

Untangle my voice

Match it to my face


Sew it all up 

And crawl into it 


And we can live

She and I

Mute in our 

Abstract, unrecognizable lonelinesses


Sewn into flesh

We could scream ourselves hoarse

And even that, would be contained


And we could never lose 

Another piece of us

Ever again.